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What we do

  • Keep your customers covered, 24/7.
  • All queries are reviewed by moderators, not machines.
  • Intelligent use of technology reduces costs and increases efficiency.
  • Over 70 main international languages.
  • Full traceability and detailed reporting.

Don’t make your customers wait.

It’s a proven rule of business that providing efficient and friendly customer support is one of the most effective ways of creating a loyal and satisfied user base. Be it an idle query or a problem that needs fixed, our teams are be able to personally respond to customers within minutes. With the majority of queries being able to be resolved from the client knowledge base,  this rapid turnaround time is a crucial source of customer satisfaction.

We have over 25 years experience in the management of customer support processes. For the most part, we provide written only support, but we are also able to set up and train teams to manage support calls.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, reactivity and quality service.

Call us for a chat on +33177696433 or send us a message and we'll work out a plan to fit your business.

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