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Idixit’s User Generated Content (UGC) moderation is based around quality human resources and custom technology. It is our technology that allows us to improve the efficiency, reactivity and traceability and training of our experienced moderators.

Key Strengths

  • Approve or remove or reply to all types of UGC within minutes, 24/7.
  • All content is reviewed by moderators, not machines.
  • Intelligent use of technology reduces costs and increases efficiency.
  • Over 70 main international languages.
  • Full traceability and detailed reporting.

Intelligent Organisation

At Idixit, we are organised so that we can quickly respond to demands for extra resources. We have substantial and experienced teams in place to cover all main moderation languages and because we can efficiently share our moderation resources between services, we are normally able comfortably absorb the volume of the new service with the moderators we already have in place for that language and service type.

Our teams moderate content from various services, resulting in a continuous flow of items. Periods of inactivity are thus kept to a minimum and strong gains in productivity and reactivity are assured.

Using our platform also affords us a traceability and history of all moderator actions that platforms such as Facebook alone do not provide. This is key in helping us constantly control and improve quality.

International coverage

Our main clients are multinational companies whose brands, online presence and content must adhere to laws and precise terms of use. Whether we are moderating Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Pinterest feeds or forums, we are able to identify and remove undesirable content in multiple languages and within minutes of publication.

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We pride ourselves on our flexibility, reactivity and quality service.

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