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Key Strengths

  • We can reply to, ‘like’, escalate or remove social media UGC within minutes, 24/7.
  • All content is reviewed by moderators, not machines.
  • Intelligent use of technology reduces costs and increases efficiency.
  • Over 70 main international languages.
  • Full traceability and detailed reporting.

Social Media page management – 24/7

The majority of brands now have a community manager in charge of creating brand presence on social networks and monitoring the resulting UGC.  However, the more the participation in these spaces grows, the more messages the community manager has to deal with and with the less time he or she then has to further develop the the community.

The community management role is also limited to standard working hours and it is unlikely that the community manager holds a working knowledge of all the languages that can be posted on the community page.  With these gaps in presence, there comes the danger of ‘bad buzz’ that can easily get out of hand unless flagged and dealt with quickly.

To avoid such problems, Idixit will work in collaboration with your community manager. We’ll define with them the different actions to undertake depending on the type of message encountered and we work in multiple languages with total transparency 24/7. The community manager has live online reporting available to him/her and can consult every single moderation action via our management software. If any crisis should befall a brand, we will immediately escalate all linked posts to the community manager (and management team) and will participate in any special communication that needs to be put in place to diffuse the problem. If you’d like to completely outsource your community mananagement, then we’d also love to hear from you.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, reactivity and quality service.

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