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Key advantages

  • Secure: multi-server, multi-site, https …
  • Adaptable: to be able to interface with new media and platforms
  • Help Tool: provides full moderator training and support functions
  • Fast and efficient: Collects UGC in real-time and distributes it directly to the screen of moderators trained in that product and language
  • Allows for one-click escalation to supervisor or client
  • Accountable: every moderator action is recorded for complete traceability and  quality control
human moderation

Human eyes, computer efficiency.

Multimod, our in-house moderation platform can easily interface with all main social networks and forums. As such, we will generally not require any development work from your technical teams to be able to quickly and securely plug-in our platform and be ready to moderate.

For the most popular open-source forum platforms and social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Flickr, all we require to moderate is a single admin account so that our software can retrieve and update data.

We’ll setup our platform so that our moderators can carry out multiple actions with one-click. This will vary in function with the moderation policy and can be fully configured as per your requirements. This not only allows for efficient and standardised moderation but also means we can provide excellent tracking and reporting for your service.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, reactivity and quality service.

Call us for a chat on +33177696433 or send us a message and we'll work out a plan to fit your business.

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