Human Moderation

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We trust in people

  • Education, experience and professionalism
  • Understanding of cultural sensitivities and context
  • Specific training about the client, the product and the market
  • Reliable quality control procedures

Our teams

Idixit is organised for optimum efficiency and quality. Our mother tongue team leaders, based in Europe, assure the most complex tasks of moderation process: customer support, quality control, development of tools, training and the creation of editorial policy and moderation procedures. More moderators make up part of our partner structures where strong on-site management and impressive technical resources (European technical team, backup hardware, alternative internet access and backup electricity generators) ensure constant presence and quality.

If we require a significant amount of new moderators a new language or service, moderators will be recruited and trained using our platform and real world moderation examples until they are entirely confortable with the process. Once they have been fully integrated into the team, we are able to track their progress and control quality via our platform.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, reactivity and quality service.

Call us for a chat on +33177696433 or send us a message and we'll work out a plan to fit your business.

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