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25+ years experience

Originally part of the NEOCOM MULTIMEDIA group (euronext MLNEO), Idixit has over 25 years moderation experience. Since the company’s creation in 1986 and our moderation of BBS (Bulletin board systems), today’s internet forums ancestors, we have been continuously dealing with the challenges of content moderation. It’s a big part of our company culture and so it’s natural that today we oversee the moderation of a large number of online forums and social network pages.


Efficiency through technology

In 2009 we launched ‘Multimod’, our proprietary moderation and community management software application. The fruits of years’ experience and research in the moderation of content, Multimod allows us to optimise our manpower by advance collection and sorting (e.g. by language and priority) of the content to be moderated.

Multimod interfaces with all principal social networks and forum software (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.) and allows us to send all new comments, photos, videos directly to the screens of our trained moderators. Not only does the software greatly increase our moderation speed and capacity, but it also offers our clients a real time traceability of the work being carried out, notably the interventions of each moderator on each item moderated.


Idixit expands in the UK, USA and Canada.

Whilst Idixit works with a large number of international clients, 2013 was a record year for contracts for English language moderation – with many companies testing the water on Social Media in English to begin with, before taking advantage of the company’s multi-lingual offering to branch out into building communities in multiple countries and languages.

Meet Our Team

Olivier Hetru


French minitel pioneer (1986)
Leading editor for communities
Listed company in Paris Stock Exchange (IPO in 1999)
Billing solutions for internet services
Named at “Conseil Supérieur de la Télématique” as President of “Syndicat National de la Télématique” (2003)
Moderation for international companies

Wim Heuninck

Sales manager & associate

Malick Diarra

Operations Director

Malick is our moderation Expert, with over 15 years experience in social media, customer relationship management and running multi- lingual moderation teams.
Malick oversees the recruitment and management of our teams; he has extensive experience in community management, social media consultancy and training.

Julien Sabdes

Technical Director

Former lead developer and Audiotex server specialist at Cafetel, Julien is the main brain behind our proprietary moderation suite, Multimod.

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