Multi-lingual, multi-platform content moderation by Idixit

We are specialists in the moderation of user-generated content (UGC).

Idixit provides content moderation in over 70 languages. This enables us to offer an uninterrupted and truly international 24/7 service. Whether we are moderating Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Pinterest feeds or forums, we are able to identify and remove undesirable content within minutes of publication. Contact us today for more information on how we can help protect your brand online.

About us:

  • Focused on UGC moderation
  • Experienced and professional teams
  • We develop our own software and can respond very quickly to client needs and the changing dynamic of the internet
  • Worldwide geographical scope
  • Can moderate your content within minutes of publication 24/7
  • Controlled moderation costs, even for small volumes, by making efficient use of technology and resources.
  • Can plug into your website and setup an approved moderation process for your brand within a matter of days.

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Japanese 7 days a week, Idixit expanding its international moderation coverage.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Skype Idixit is proud to welcome new japanese native moderators and supervisors, allowing us to provide 7/7  moderation and monitoring for user generated contents. We add japanese to our actual coverage of the world most spoken languages,

Idixit Moderation Blog – opening the debate on key moderation trends and issues

With many years experience in online content moderation, at Idixit we decided to open this blog to help shed a little light on this rapidly growing, yet often misunderstood area of online business. With the advent of social media, moderation

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